Ultimate Covet Fashion Useful information – Suggestions and Ideas

The game permits you to dress an avatar (it is possible to change elements of the avatar like hair, makeup, and skin tone anytime ) and groom her in clothing by actual fashion designers.
Just how do you do well in Covet Fashion? This ultimate guide covers all you want to know about Covet Fashion; how to begin, input challenges, create looks, win prizes (including how to win Best Look), input Jet Set Challenges, add friends and create a Covet Fashion Facebook accounts, and how to earn money, save cash and earn diamonds.

You may opt to either join the game with your FB accounts (a little more on that later), or perform without linking it. I recommend linking the game together with your Facebook, so you can add friends, which will be convenient during challenges later. You may jump ahead if you want to know about enjoying with covet cheats.

When you get into the game, you are going to notice a sidebar with numerous options.

• Home- find the results of previous challenges here.
• Style Challenges- the main page where you enter challenges for cash and prizes.
• Vote on Looks- vote on the looks in prior challenges to earn tickets.

• Shop Online- a genuine internet shopping mall featuring some of the real-life clothing and designers utilized from the sport.
• Fashion Feed- news about fashion in and outside of this game.

• Record Gameplay- might not be available on all devices; record your game play and post it to social media sites.
• Get Cash & Diamonds- buy top money, or complete surveys and provides for free diamonds (more on that below)
• Premium Store- purchase premium money here.
• Account- change your username, Facebook accounts information, etc.. here.


There is also a bar along the top using all the money choices.
There are 3 kinds of”money” you’ll utilize in Covet Fashion: cash, tickets and diamonds. Money is used to purchase garments in the sport so it is possible to enter challenges. Tickets are utilized to actually enter said challenges (most challenges price between 15-25 tickets to input ). And diamonds are superior money that you may use to purchase expensive clothing garments, or even to convert them for tickets or cash.
Picking a Challenge
Click on the Style Challenges join from the sidebar to input your first challenge.
Every challenge is themed, and will provide you a brief description of what the model is performing and what she needs to be wearing. Additionally, there are requirements for each challenge. You always have to pay a certain amount of tickets to enter, but you may also be required to wear certain garments so as to satisify the specific theme.
Challenges last for a limited amount of time. Most challenges will provide you 2-3 times to input; some particular challenges might have less time, while the Daily Challenge always stays up for 24 hours.

Buying Garments

I recommend players (in particular, new players) to ONLY buy the garments needed for every single challenge. When you first start off the game, you’re awarded only $5,000 and you’ll want to use your cash .
I also recommend (in the beginning at least) only entering challenges that will provide you a decent reward, should you win. Most challenges will automatically provide you a monetary reward upon entering (typically between $100-$200 and also the daily challenge always rewards $500); try to not spend more than you will receive back at first. If you do end up spending more, make sure the rewards for winning are items you actually need. If the reward, by way of instance, is a dress you can’t see yourself ever using, it might not be worthwhile to enter.
Remember that garments could be reused an infinite number of times, however you cannot sell them back after buying them, so purchase items carefully!

If you really want to go shopping, I suggest going at the start of a new season. These signature pieces will allow you to begin during a new season.

Closet Value

Every outfit that you have from the game adds to a general Closet Value. This score is really important in the sport; as you boost your closet value, you unlock additional choices for makeup and hair.
You can boost your cupboard value by buying new clothing or winning new items from entering challenges. You will see your cupboard value increase with each new item added to your closet- and each time you reach a major milestone, the game will congratulate you in your new cupboard value and give you a rundown of that new makeup and hair choices you have unlocked.

Once you choose a challenge to input, it is time to dress your avatar. Have a look at the requirements to learn what items you’ll have to wear. You are able to look through your closet (or use the faucet to form your closet) to see whether you have the essential garments. Otherwise, you can purchase them straight from the menu.
Aside from the requirements, you are going to want to add things to make a complete look: sneakers, shirts, and jewellery or other accessories are advised. Do to do your best to make your outfit fit in with all the challenge at hand, read the description and try to follow along. If the model is assumed to be outside for a hike, don’t dress her at a ball gown (though you’ll see many players performing so at the voting menu!) .

Choosing Skin Tone

As stated previously, each time you input a challenge, you may choose a new skin tone, hair style and makeup to utilize in your model.
Your model will be wearing exactly the same skin tone that you used last time, however you’re free to change it from challenge to challenge, or utilize the same skin tone throughout all of your challenges. I choose to utilize a darkened model; I like her to reflect my actual life skin tone. Some players change skin tones depending upon the challenge (by way of instance, many players changed their versions to a tan or olive skin tone when the obstacle was Samurai Warrior).

What is The Difference Between Modern And Classic Gameplay?

Another main difference is that in Modern, you’re actually given a model to groom – you cannot change skin tones or body types when inputting challenges.
Some Covet players hate this restriction, but personally, I find it a fun challenge. While all the various body contours wear the very same clothing, the garments appear different depending on the model’s height and weight, which is realistic and a wonderful addition to the game. Additionally, it’s great to see that Covet selects models that correctly fit the challenge (by way of instance, if the challenge would be”Japanese Princess”, you’ll actually be presented using a model whom appears of warrior, instead of being able to decide on a skin tone that isn’t exactly suitable ).
With Modern, you might also only choose from specific makeup styles- each skintone has cosmetics specific to them. This restriction isn’t my favorite, but it will allow for more realistic and diverse-looking versions.
Last but not least, if you’re playing Modern, you only complete contrary to other Modern players when the challenges go into voting. So, if you’re dressing a curvaceous medium-skinned model for your challenge, you’ll only be competiting against other players having exactly the same model. Obviously, this prevents against unfair discrimination or voting.
Modern is a fantastic update to the game. I’ll have to be honest: as someone who’s been a part of this Covet community for more than three decades, it was very apparent for a very long time that Covet players tended to idolize and vote for a single standard of beauty; normally, blonde-haired, blue-eyed models won Top Look on each obstacle, even ones in which that look didn’t fit. At this time you can see all kinds of body types, skin tones, shapes and heights acquire top look, and it is an excellent change!
Though the contemporary challenges are locked about the body type/skin color, it is possible to play with whatever skin tones and shaped versions you like by going into the”Create Look” part of this game.
That’s it for The Ultimate Covet Fashion manual! If you have any questions, remarks, or other tips and guidance, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below! I’ll add to the manual whenever I find any new tips or advice for the sport, so check back regularly if you’re a fan.